Since its inception, the Census of Marine Life has grown to be a truly global scientific collaboration. The Census now consists of 17 projects, involving more than 2,000 researchers from 80 nations, engaged in studying all realms of the global ocean. The following resources provide an historical perspective of the evolution of the Census of Marine Life.

  Future Knowledge of Life in Oceans Past. Jesse H. Ausubel, December 2007.
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Image courtesy of Blegvad, H. 1946. Fiskeriet i Danmark. Bind 1. Selskabet til udgivelse af kulturskrifter, circa 1946.
  On the Difficulty of Seeing What is Near, Plenary Introductory Address by Jesse H. Ausubel, First NaGISA World Conference, Kobe Japan, October 15, 2006.
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Image courtesy of Gustav Paulay, 2005.
  How to Census Marine Life, Presentation by Jesse H. Ausubel, Telecom Italia Future Centre, Campo San Salvador, Venice Italy, June 15, 2006.
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Image courtesy Bodil Bluhm, Katrin Iken, NOAA, 2005.
  On the Limits to Knowledge of Future Marine Biodiversity, Jesse H. Ausubel. Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, CA, April 22-25, 2005.
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Image courtesy of Kevin Raskoff, 2005.
  2004 Census of Marine Life Overview Presentation.
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Image courtesy of A. Collins, NOAA ©2006. Courtesy of NWHIMNM.
  Inaugural Speech, South American Workshop on Marine Biodiversity for the Census of Marine Life, Jesse H. Ausubel. 2003.
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Image courtesy of Russ Hopcroft, University of Alaskas Fairbanks, NOAA, 2005.
  The Census of Marine Life: Progress and Prospects, August 2001.
Image courtesy of Russ Hopcroft, University of Alaska Fairbanks, NOAA, 2005.
  Toward a Census of Marine Life. Jesse H. Ausubel, December 1999.
Image courtesy of Katrin Iken, NOAA, 2005.

Another means of gaining an historical perspective of the Census of Marine Life is to review Press Releases.

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